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Jun 23, 2011

I just got JMP. Now what?

Congratulations, you installed JMP! Now the fun begins.


There are a few different ways to learn the basics -- choose from these options depending on your needs and learning style.


  • Getting Started Webcast: The "Getting Started with JMP" webcast lasts for one hour. It's a very quick overview of data import, visualization, analysis, and reporting. It is offered live every Friday at 10AM Pacific Time (register here); you may also watch a pre-recorded version here.


  • New User Welcome Kit: The Welcome Kit is a sequence of videos and guided exercises. It can be completed in roughly 2-4 hours, and you can work on it in short sessions over time. Register for the Welcome Kit here.



  • Official product documentation: For those who wish to Read The (Full) Manual. There is exhaustive detail here on all software options and statistical algorithms. The documentation is distributed with the software in PDF format -- Go to Help > Books within JMP to find it. Read "Discovering JMP" for a good introduction. Bonus tip: all the documentation is also available online, so web search is an efficient way to access the documentation on whatever topic interests you. For example, here are the Google results for "JMP cluster analysis". JMP online documentation pages are often among the first search results.


Go forth and explore data adventurously!

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