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Data Viz Explorers Materials

Here are the presentation materials from my presentation in Seattle on 9/24/2019.


  • Data Visualization is Storytelling
  • It takes trial and error to find the best representation
  • Less is More


  • Cycle through many graph types and layouts
  • Fit the graph type to the message
  • Use multiple graph elements (sparingly)
  • Find the right level of abstraction
  • Use multiple data views, with a dashboard
  • Brushing datapoints can show relationships
  • Use 3D graphs with motion
  • Tall tables call for data filter
  • Wide tables call for column switcher
  • Overloading (multiple roles for one column) is OK
  • Call out important datapoints with color, labels
  • Drill down: subset, graphlets

A few Don'ts

  • Don't break the axis
  • Don't use pie charts
  • Don't use unnecessary ornamentation
  • Don't abuse bubble plots
  • Don't mislead
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