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Image Analyzer Update

Back in January, 2015, I posted a JSL script I wrote called the Image Analyzer. I just released a new update to it. Now it is packaged as an Add-in, which means if you install it you will find it under the Add-ins menu in JMP. I also modified it to detect when a gray-scale image is read in. If you open a gray-scale image, the data table that gets generated will no longer include columns for RGB and HLS color data. A gray-scale image only has one value per pixel and that is an intensity value. In addition to the intensity value you will also get the x,y pixel location columns too. I also fixed an issue where opening consecutive image files was not deleting the previous image. It now cleans up the previous image before opening and loading the new image.

If you like the Image Analyzer and you will be at Discovery in San Diego next week, please come by and talk to me. I will be presenting a poster about the Image Analyzer on Wednesday, September 16th at 4:00 PM in the Poster presentation area. I may also be doing a talk on the Image Analyzer on Wednesday at 1:00 PM. So come by and say hello and I'll help you work on your image!

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