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What's new in JMP® Live 18?

Organizations rely on JMP Live because it enriches how discoveries are shared, how collaboration happens, and how data-driven decisions are made. JMP Live 18 introduces new capabilities that further improve efficiency for seamless knowledge sharing. From simplified user management to a streamlined customer/supplier model, and more, JMP Live 18 empowers scientists and engineers – and those who collaborate with them – to innovate quickly and deliver valuable solutions.

Synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory

In the latest version of JMP Live, administrators can now manage users and groups through integration with their Active Directory. This new feature allows administrators to quickly synchronize users and groups, no matter how many users the admins need to manage. Forget tedious manual updates – scheduled syncing with Active Directory means user management on JMP Live occurs overnight, significantly reducing administrator effort.


Ultimately, Active Directory synchronization means improved workflow efficiency for everyone in your organization who uses JMP Live. For administrators, synchronization ensures that both initial setup and subsequent updates are seamless. For users, it enhances the overall experience by ensuring that access permissions and user information are up to date and knowledge sharing continues unimpeded.


Customer/supplier collaboration model

If you have JMP but your supplier does not, how do you collaborate? Requesting data from the supplier and manually importing it into JMP is inconvenient and costly. Using JMP Live 18, it’s easier to allow suppliers to upload data from various file types, to update reports, to see results, and to make decisions in minutes.


For example, when an organization uses materials for a product, both the materials supplier and the organization need to know quickly when those materials do not meet quality standards. With JMP Live access, the supplier can upload their materials data, update their report, and see immediately if their materials are in spec, or adjustments are needed.


The JMP Live 18 enhancement that provides support for uploading various file types makes efficient customer/supplier collaboration possible.

file import.jpg

Redesigned user interface

Changes to the interface in JMP Live 18 make navigation smoother; they include new side rails, a new folder view, and easier access to view the data. You can see below an example of the side rails and the “Data” button that gets you to the data in two clicks.



Other features

Additional features in JMP Live 18 improve efficiency and enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing:

  • Ability to @ mention JMP Live users in comments.
  • Red triangle menus in Distributions that mirror how changes are made to reports in JMP.
  • Enhanced sorting of posts by different criteria.
  • Support for additional local data filters.
  • Ability to delete JMP Live users, including their personal identifiable information (PII), for compliance with data privacy requirements.
  • Permissions configured at the folder level.
  • Confidence intervals.
  • New profiler platforms.
  • Enhanced pattern filling and date/time patterns.
Last Modified: Feb 16, 2024 10:56 AM