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Welcome to JMP Public!

Welcome to JMP Public! We are so excited to get this fun new tool into your hands. Even though JMP users are not able to publish to JMP Public until JMP 14.2 is available, everyone can begin using and exploring JMP Public today! I will show you how to use JMP Public, understand the Home Page, follow other users, and share reports.

JMP Public is your platform for sharing JMP data, visualizations and dashboards. Prepare your reports in JMP and publish them to JMP Public. JMP Public offers the visual interactivity of JMP to explore your data, and lets you:

  • Store all of your posts in one location.
  • Maintain up-to-date reports for anyone to access.
  • Extend the functionality of JMP Public posts to other locations – embed and interact with your JMP Public posts in web pages, blogs, social media posts and more.

Starting with JMP 14.2, JMP users will be able to publish their reports to JMP Public. But even before that, you need to have a JMP Public account. Simply follow the steps below to create your account:

  1. Navigate to public.jmp.com.
  2. Register for an account using your SAS Profile.
  3. If you do not have a SAS Profile, please create one when prompted.

Register Account.gif 


After you sign in, you will see the home page. This page has three important features: All Reports, My Dashboard and Filters. Let's discuss what each feature offers:

  • All Posts shows all posts recently published to JMP Public. Selecting a report will open it.
  • My Dashboard shows all posts recently published to JMP Public by people you follow. Selecting a post will open it.
  • Filters allow you to filter/sort posts. 

Home Page.gif 

The Featured page also shows recently published posts, priotizing tailored posts which are featured to show first. Also, if you want to see what features are new to JMP Public at anytime, you can always check out the "What's New" page.

Follow other users

The next important feature of JMP Public is following other users:

  • Navigate to another user’s profile by clicking their profile image from a report they have published, or search their username in the search bar.
  • Click Follow.
  • Any posts they publish will now show up under “My Dashboard.”

 Follow User.gif


Create your avatar

One of the most important personalizations you can do on JMP Public is change your avatar. Your profile page shows your avatar and bio, as well reports that you have posted. The profile page also shows who follows you, whom you follow, and which groups you are a part of. Here are the steps to personalize your avatar:

  • Navigate to “My Profile.”
  • Then select the “Edit” button and “Change.”
  • Finally upload an Image to set as your avatar.

 Choose Avatar.gif


Sharing what you see

Finally, you will want to know about the sharing feature on JMP Public. Sharing allows you to copy a link or embed interactive reports in other online platforms. Here's how:

    • Open a post that you would like to share.
    • Select the “Share” Button.
    • Select the platform or method you would like to use to share the post.

Share Post.gif 


Now that you know about some of the features to explore in JMP Public, we hope you will explore the space. And then we will look forward to seeing what you publish to JMP Public starting with the release of JMP 14.2 later this month. Look for my next blog post on the various ways to publish to the JMP Public website.

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