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Webinar Recording: Building an End-to-End Analytic Workflow

Whether you're new to the field of analytics and statistics and have simpler needs, or a more advanced practitioner with more sophisticated needs, can there be the flexibility to meet those needs wherever you are in your analytics journey?

With an all-in-one, self-service platform that offers a vast menu of easy-to-use analytical capabilities, you can create an end-to-end analytic workflow within the organization. 
JMP Work Flow.png
Learn how to build an analytical workflow that can accelerate development, maximize yields, and ensure the production of high-quality products that meet current and future industry demands.

This presentation walks you through several case studies where an analytical workflow is built to:

  • Tackle a variety of different problems of any size
  • Accelerate process improvement by leveraging the automation to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks
  • Get to the actionable insights faster
  • Remove barriers in complexity and share your discoveries with other team members
  • Get more from your investment by increasing your efficiency without increasing the head count
  • Increase the value/understanding of analytics in the organization

Last Modified: May 12, 2022 10:28 PM

This is really great overview of all of JMP's capabilities.


This is great! Really shows the entire end-to-end analytic workflow with JMP. And nice asking about challenges that the attendees have around different steps! Data blending and cleanup so often bubbles up to the top of the challenges and and pains.


I agree.  Long video.  Good stuff. Tweeted  @JMP Tips.  I also added to my Linked In.  Consider doing that, folks.

Community Manager

OOPs.  That Comment was from Gail but I was logged in as Wendy @wendytseng posting something for her for Mastering area.  Gail wrote:


I agree.  Long video.  Good stuff. Tweeted  @JMP Tips.  I also added to my Linked In.  Consider doing that, folks.


Yes, it was a great session with great responses from the attendees. 

As Data Cleaning was voted as the #1 pain in the analytics process/steps during the webinar, we're hosting a quick demo for this on 2nd June.
Join us for this quick demo and let's ease your pain away!

Registration link: Data Cleaning Demo  



@Melisa_Muhd  - wondering if you are using a flavor of the workflow assessment to determine biggest challenges or pains?  Would love to chat more about this if you have time.