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To update JMP or not? That is the question

What do software administrators need to know about JMP upgrades and updates?What do software administrators need to know about JMP upgrades and updates?JMP software administrators are often given the task in an organization to manage the receipt of the software. One question I often get is: When do I need to upgrade our software? This question often is precipitated by our announcement of a new maintenance release of the software being available or when we announce a new version of the software.

How do I get notified of new versions?

You can subscribe to the JMP Software Adminstrator forum here in the JMP User Community. Or by subscribing to the general announcement. In addition, be sure you are listed as the current software administrator within your company. You can update this information or verify My Account.

What is the difference between an update and an upgrade?

While on the surface an update and an upgrade sound similar, it is important to understand the differences. And to answer this question, it is helpful to understand in general terms the differences that software vendors use to distinguish the various releases of their software.  

All JMP software applications (and all software applications, for that matter) have version numbers associated with them. The numbers help track iterations of the software and to point out when specific features were added to the software. The number also indicates whether or not the software application was a maintenance update or an upgrade. 

For JMP software, these differences are depicted by a series of numbers separated by periods. The leftmost number in our software's version number represents major upgrades to the software. For example, going from version 13.0 to 14.0 in the JMP software is a major upgrade. A software upgrade is a new version of the software that offers a significant change or major improvement over current or previous versions.

The rightmost number represents a minor update or what we refer to as a maintenance release. For example, going from JMP 14.0 to 14.1, 14.2 or 14.3 usually is a small change, and these updates are available free by navigating to

Why should I worry about applying a maintenance update to my software?

There are few important reasons to keep your JMP software up to date, including the introduction of new features, fixes of software bugs and improved functionality. For example, in the JMP 14.2 maintenance release, we introduced a new feature called JMP Public, which you should definitely check out.

Anyway, let’s try to reduce the confusion between an upgrade, update and a full installer. I’ll summarize the differences in the table below (leaving out upgrade) and then explain further with examples.

Installer Type No JMP Software JMP Installed


Not Applicable

Installs JMP and all applicable maintenance versions available with the full installer

Full Installer

Will bring the currently installed version of JMP to the current maintenance release available with the updater

Will reinstall and apply all applicable maintenance versions available with the full installer


  • An updater will take a currently installed version and bring it to the current maintenance release.
  • A full installer will install the software fresh and bring to the currently available maintenance version.

For example, if you have no JMP software installed, the JMP 14 full installer would install JMP 14 and bring it to version 14.2. One would then need to apply the updater to bring the installed copy to the current maintenance release of 14.3.

What if I already have JMP 14.x installed?

If you already have JMP 14.0, JMP 14.1, or JMP 14.2 installed, then the JMP 14.3 updater will bring the currently installed version to the 14.3 maintenance release.

  • JMP 14.0 installed the updater will bring the installed version to 14.3.
  • JMP 14.1 installed the updater will bring the installed version to 14.3.
  • JMP 14.2 installed the updater will bring the installed version to 14.3.

In summary, if you have not installed JMP previously, run the full installer and then the updater. If you have a version of JMP installed, then simply apply the updater.

No JMP: Run the full installer and then the updater.

JMP 14.x installed: Apply the updater.

Running a version earlier than JMP 14? Request an upgrade by contacting your local JMP representative. 

I hope this helps with understanding the differences between a software update, upgrade and a full installer.

Still confused? I encourage you to contact our top notch technical support team. You can reach them by phone, email, web support or fax. I’m not sure who still uses a fax, but the option is available if you are so inclined.

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