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The new and improved Scripting Index in JMP 14

Every JSL scripter’s best friend is (or at least should be) the Scripting Index, available via the Help menu. JMP 14 re-imagines this friend who has been around since JMP 10, and includes many cool new features.

Improved search

The first thing you might noticed are the changes to the search results. The new search capabilities in the Scripting Index for JMP 14 include a more modern search bar and a search results category with all matches, and search criteria are now highlighted within the results. Having all matches for your search criteria in one place can help you find what you are looking for faster.



See Also

The new See Also button gives a few suggestions of other topics in the Scripting Index that might be of interest, based on what you are currently viewing. This can help you discover new functions you can utilize relating to what you are looking for. This button is available next to the Topic Help button, just above the examples for the selected item.


See Also.png

Navigation buttons

Once you start discovering new JSL Functionality with the new See Also feature, you might find yourself jumping around quite a bit and wanting to go back. That's why we've added navigation buttons to the Scripting Index. Now it is easier to get back where you were with back and forward buttons, just like you would do within a browser.


Navigation Buttons.png


Compact mode

For those of you who love having lots of different windows on your screen at once, we have a Scripting Index compact mode! With compact mode, the Scripting Index now takes up less real estate on your screen. This mode is also super useful with the revamped JMP Projects in JMP 14. Compact mode can be accessed by clicking the jmp_2018-03-15_15-41-32.png button in the upper-left corner of the Scripting Index.


compact SI.PNG

Maintain changes to examples

Have you ever made an adjustment to an example in the Scripting Index and then clicked on something else, just to lose the code you were trying out? Now in the JMP 14 Scripting Index, your changes to the examples are maintained throughout a Scripting Index session. When you click back on the original example you edited, your changes are still there, and you can revert to those changes using the jmp_2018-03-15_11-46-59.png button.


Revert Example.png


We hope you enjoy the new and improved Scripting Index in JMP 14!


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