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The Enhanced Log in JMP 16: This changes everything

The JMP log has received a major upgrade in JMP 16. If you’ve never had a reason to look at the JMP log before, you do now: The new Enhanced Log functions as a living record of your current JMP session.

Here’s how it works. Launch JMP and go about your point-and-click business as usual: Import data, clean it up, examine distributions, make graphs, do some analysis. When you’re done, open the Enhanced Log from the View menu. You’ll find a replayable, archivable record of your work. Let’s look at an example:


  • The Enhanced Log window is divided into two panels. The top panel has a list of actions that were performed; the bottom panel contains the corresponding JSL code.
  • Each action captured has information about the origin (usually what data table the action was performed on) and the result. There’s also a timestamp.
  • Different data tables and report windows are color-coded to aid with navigation. Click on one of the color-coded blocks to bring forward the corresponding window.
  • Search for specific steps using the Filter box at the top of the Enhanced Log window.
  • Any superfluous actions can be deleted if desired: Click on the row to select it, then choose “Clear” from the red triangle menu or right-click context menu.
  • Many JMP platforms will generate two recorded actions: one capturing the platform launch dialog choices, and a second snapshot generated automatically when the resulting report is closed. The snapshot helpfully captures any details that were added to the report later from red-triangle options.
  • To save the actions as a JSL script, choose “Save Script > To Script Window” in the red triangle menu.

The Enhanced Log is something we'll be showing everyone who starts scripting in JMP .

Why is this such a game changer? Two main reasons:

Documentation: By capturing the code corresponding to the most important point-and-click actions, the log serves as a record of your work. Save the log code to document your work.

Repeatability: When your data is updated with new values, you can replay the previous data cleaning and analysis steps quickly and accurately.

We hope you’ll explore the Enhanced Log in JMP 16, and let us know what you think!

Last Modified: Mar 18, 2021 3:23 PM