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Search comes to JMP with JMP 17

Search JMP is a contextual search of JMP features available to you from the current window. It's new in JMP 17. Searching for how to solve problems is ubiquitous in the wider world, and now that capability is in JMP as well. We asked Evan McCorkle (@EvanMcCorkle) in JMP R&D to tell us more about Search JMP.

What problems does this solve for our users?

We hope Search JMP can help both new and experienced users to find or re-find JMP features and move forward with solving their problems. It helps guide you to Data Table operations, analysis options, statistical tests, visualization options, as well as external resources like JMP Help and the JMP Community.

Cool! Can you give an example of how the search function might work for a JMP user?

For example, if you searched for "paired," you'd see the search results on the left. Then you could choose something in the results, such as the first option "Each Pair, Student's t" and go to Compare Means in JMP.

JMP Search.png


What are the impacts that Search JMP can make on users’ work and on organizations?

We hope Search JMP will allow you to take advantage of more of what JMP has to offer. It can do this by helping new JMP users in your organization get up to speed and by helping experienced JMP users find and use the JMP capabilities they need to solve their problems.

What do you think will surprise or delight users about Search JMP?

I think users will be delighted when they find via Search JMP that JMP can already do the analysis they wanted - they just didn’t know it yet.

Last Modified: Dec 19, 2023 4:46 PM