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Easy DOE in JMP 17

Design of Experiments in JMP is designed to help you design, evaluate and analyze your experiments. Now, JMP 17 brings some exciting new features to the DOE platform that make it easy to move through each stage of designing and analyzing your experiments. Ryan Lekivetz, Advanced Analytics R&D Manager, introduces this new tool that is helpful for both new and experienced DOE users.

What is Easy DOE?

We often talk about the DOE Workflow as it relates to moving through both the design and analysis of an experiment:


Our current tools break this up into creating a design (Describe through Design phases) using a platform under the DOE menu, and then data collection and analysis (Collect through Predict phases) using the generated data table and any of several fitting platforms.

Easy DOE encapsulates the entire workflow into one platform. Some customers have pointed out that their novice users are overwhelmed by the choices within the Custom Design platform and the output of our analysis tools. Easy DOE provides a Guided mode to help novice users through each step with appropriate options. Once users are more comfortable with the DOE workflow, they can switch to a Flexible mode that provides additional options.

What problems does this solve for our users?

This platform was created with the novice user in mind, to guide them through the entire workflow from design through analysis. However, we also recognize the iterative and collaborative process of experimentation. That’s why Easy DOE provides a new file type (i.e., .jmpdoe) that allows users to save and share their work, so even experienced users will find this platform useful for both teaching and sharing.

Can you give an example of how it might work for a JMP user?

Check out this upcoming presentation at the Discovery Summit Americas 2022, where I walk my daughter through a designed experiment, leaving her in control of the platform: Easy DOE: Easy Enough for a Seven-Year-Old?

What are the impacts this can make on users’ work and on organizations?

Our goal is to make DOE more accessible. Easy DOE will provide an immediate impact by helping those users who are overwhelmed by the options with our current tools. In the long term, this platform will evolve into something even more powerful as we discover how both novice and experienced users are using the platform.

What do you think will surprise or delight users about this?

I’m particularly excited about the new analysis tool we’ve added to the Analyze tab for Guided users. Not only is there a button to have Easy DOE identify a best model, but also we can explore different models by adding or removing model terms with a click on its confidence interval in the plot. Give it a try when you get your hands on JMP 17!



Last Modified: Nov 10, 2022 3:17 PM