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Do you want to learn the JMP Scripting Language?



Do you think you could benefit from a JMP script but just don’t have the time to figure it out? JMP scripts put you in charge. A script can help you save time from repetitive analyses, ensure your analysis process is followed explicitly, and provide a method for demonstrating all the steps leading to your results. Sounds great, right? 

Here are some of the ways that you can get started with the JMP Scripting Language (JSL) today: 

  • On-Demand Webcasts. On the JMP website are on-demand webcasts from the Mastering JMP Series. This series covers topics designed to help you enhance your JMP skills. Specifically, the videos titled Automating Analyses Using JMP Scripts is a great place to begin learning basic techniques of JSL.  

  • Training Courses. JMP Scripting Language courses are offered by our training department. Taught by JMP experts, the following classes are available both in classrooms and in live web format:
  • JMP User Community. The JMP website hosts a User Community. In the File Exchange area of the User Community, you can find user-submitted script samples or JMP Add-Ins that might do exactly what you need. Join the Discussion forum where there are always JMP experts willing to answer your questions to help guide you.

  • Scripting Index. Accessible from the Help menu within JMP (Help > Scripting Index), the Scripting Index is probably the most utilized tool for scripters of all experience levels. Scroll down to and select an object that you are working with. The Items list will contain all the messages appropriate for that object. As you select messages in the Items list, the right side of the window will be updated with the generic syntax, a brief description, and an example script that can be run directly from the Scripting Index window.

  • Documentation. Below is a list of PDF books that are included with your JMP installation. Both of these books are accessible from the Help > Books menu within JMP:
  • Books. In addition to the documentation, there are two other books available that can help you get started: 
  • Mentoring Services. Our team of JMP technical experts offer coaching on specific topics, including JSL. Alternately, if you are interested in assistance with writing the script for a project or require assistance with debugging a complex application, JMP Software Mentoring Services provides you with the assistance of a technical expert who will personalize a solution for your JMP project.

So what are you waiting for?? Let’s get started with scripting!


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