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"Saving Script to Database"

If I have a .JMP data table, and do some analysis, I can "Save Script to Data Table", then save my data table. Then a future colleague who has my JMP data table can see what analyses I ran on the data.


But when data are coming from Query Builder, the master source for the data is on the database. My .JMP data table is no longer the source of record that a colleague is likely to find. Instead, they re-pull the data and lose sight of the fact that analyses were done on that data.


I'm not 100% sure what this looks like, but I think it would be helpful to somehow save a record of 'this data was once pulled into JMP and these scripts were useful when analyzing it' into the database. Some way of archiving the work that was done to be part of the database. Saving Script to Database is only part of it; you need to know what records in the database that script could apply to as well.


So although I don't have the full details I am putting the idea out there in the hopes that others might have some great ideas as to how we can build on it.

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