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Collaboration/Sharing of .JMP files on OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, etc.

Our company (and many others) have moved to Office 365. Now we have people sharing files that reside on OneDrive instead of e-mailing a 'copy'. Microsoft has done a good job of making it hard (impossible?) for there to be version conflicts of Excel, Word, etc. If someone is editing an Excel, or a Word, the changes are saved live so anyone else who is collaborating is always using the most recent view.


When it comes to .JMP tables we are still sending copies around and having to come up with creative ways to change the file name every time a change is made in an attempt to encourage that people are using the most recent / latest-and-greatest / best-we-know data and saved scripts. There is a need to acknowledge the trend here towards the cloud.


There are steps towards democratizing analyses, but I am thinking some mechanism is also needed for data. Maybe that's part of a future vision, too, and I just don't know it yet?

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