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propensity score platform

I'd like to see a propensity score platform in JMP with similar functionality to SAS proc psmatch, namely fitting the propensity score model, propensity score assessments, and matching. Being able to incorporate the propensity scores in other JMP model fitting platforms (e.g. stratification and robust variance estimators) would also be a big plus.

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Defect ID: S1017472

Level IV
This should be done in JMP way, which is to encourage visualization and exploration. - Overlaid mirror histogram - Love plot The below will also be very helpful (almost essential) - Calculation of SMDs (standard mean differences) between groups, before and after matching - Similar matching methods than propensity score matching, e.g., Mahalanobis distance matching and coarsened exact matching
Level I
It's long overdue for JMP to incorporate a PSM (propensity score matching) algorithm in the software. Most disappointingly, JMP15 pro still does not include this functionality - which would be pretty straight forward to implement. As a consequence, I have had to export data to R commander and run their (clunky) matching algorithm. A response from SAS/JMP admin would be most appreciated.