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mobile hyperlinks in Graph Builder

I posted this to the community, but I think what I would like to do is not yet possible: in Graph Builder, you can "append" a URL to your graph. However, this hyperlink goes to the bottom left corner. I would actually like to place it WITHIN the graph (such as, over a certain icon), so that the reader/user can click on the icon, and it takes them to a webpage with more information about that sample. In other words, I would like the capacity to drag the hyperlink from its pre-designated position to somewhere else. Adobe Illustrator can do this once I have exported the JMP plot, but, if you want to then convert your image/plot to interactive HTML (which I do), it takes a lonnnnng time and requires slices and scripting.

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Hover labels in JMP 15 can have clickable hyperlinks. Does that help or do you need a link that's not attached to a data point, such as a regular annotation?