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highlighting by local data filter -> add "select" option

Global data filters have the 3 options "select", "show" and "include".
There are also local data filters that can be directly attached to plots. But such filters just have the 2 options "show" and "include" - "select" is not available.
I just learned to day the the missing "select" was intentional - hm.

There are work-arounds like opening another graph or distribution histogram to "select" the data points - i.e. highlight without hiding the remaining ones.

But the huge advantage of data filters compared to graphs is that the selection can be moved with arrow keys on the keyboard.

So, you just have to press 100x "down" in a data sheet to scroll to 100 subsets of a graph - instead of klicking 100 times on differnent entries in a graph/distribution histogram

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I just noticed this stuck wish.
can be set to Duplicate - here the problem is explained with more details:
Local Data Filter - don't disable the SELECT option 

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Status changed to: Duplicate

Thanks @hogi!