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footnote every graph

it should be possible (like minitab) to set the preferences for a graph with footnotes.


Projekt Name, (Worksheet), Date, Time, Open Text


as footnote on every graph as a requirement from quality standard.

So you can find from which file, which sheet, date and the owner who crated the graph.


(that's also why subset should be handled in worksheets within the project and not as new table, outside)

All browsers and programs changed from new windows to tabulated screen, within one programm).



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Defect ID: S1560741

Community Manager

There is a preference to put some of this into the report window.



Level III

Finally I know where this "future" is!


For "Date Title on Output" it's fine, there should be also a free text space, and the Name of the jmp file.


Please try whats happens when you import from a DB instead of just a Jmp table-->instead of Data Table=..... you get the entire SQL and this can get quite long, this will happen by every graph, tab etc...


looks more or less like this and this was just 1/3 of the sql query shown on each graph...(not  very usefull this way, at least for me)...




Level IV
Excluding rows allow users flexibility to focus on subsets of observations, but could lead to serious errors when reports are handed to others. I want "Total number of rows in the Data Table", "Number of excluded rows" and "Number of included rows" in addition to "Date Title on Output" and "Data Table Title on Output" in Reports Preferences menu.
Level IV
For others, I want to clarify what JMP already offers and what it does not. "Data Table Title on Output" in Reports Preferences menu will add not only Data Table name, but also the Where clause when the report has one specified in its script. But when Rows are excluded beforehand and a report is generated through GUI, no Where clause is specified when the report is created and nothing other than Data Table name will appear on the report, which is problematic. I also want number of rows used in the analysis.
Level IV
Also, the text lines added by "Date Title on Output" and "Data Table Title on Output" in Reports Preferences menu should be preserved when an HTML report is created. JMP 15.0 discards these lines when it creates an HTML report. By the way, these lines added by "Date Title on Output" and "Data Table Title on Output" really damage esthetics of the report. Personally I believe these should be added to the bottom, maybe within an Outline Box. Also, double quotation signs should be treated as they are. JMP 15.0 replaces them with "-".