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What's in JMP Pro

I would like JMP standard to have all of the options JMP pro has ... however, those options are grayed out and have a little 'pro' icon or something. It would make it SO much easier to discern between colleagues, webinars, presenations, etc what I can do with standard or what I can't.


Moreover, it's a very obvious way to show people who use Standard what they are missing in JMP Pro!

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Have you looked at the JMP Starter lately?  Under the View menu? 

It shows very easily what is in JMP versus JMP Pro - I use it all the time to show others what is available in each version. 

Level IV

I have seen that ... while it's a good generalization of all the JMP Pro features, I think it's more of an impact to be able to see the pro feature when you want / need it most.


For instance, JMP offers some levels of simulation in Standard, and more options with platforms in Pro. Rather than remember all the instances where this may occur and when I may want it, I'd rather be able to be in the middle of analysis and see what I can and can't do directly with this data set in front of me. The more I am "burned" by seeing additional options I can't use because I don't have Pro yet, I can much more easily make the case why I need pro and list specific metrics toward how often I would be using it both for the times I was "burned" by not having it as well as all the grayed out features I may see in passing that would be useful with any given analysis but can't use.