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Warn me if executing a command / running an analysis is going to take a long time.

I find on larger data sets that some analyses take a long time to run.  For example, running a Binomial or Poisson generalized linear model on a data set with ~20 million rows can take over an hour on my machine.  It would be great if JMP could (1) warm me if executing a command was going to take longer than 10 minutes and give me the option to cancel; and (2) if I choose to continue, give me an estimate of how long the analysis was going to take to complete.

Level III

Or could be a status bar with an option to cancel for platforms that involve potentially difficult analyses. Like what is implemented in the custom design platform.

Level VI

It would also be nice if there were a JSL busy widget (a.k.a. wait widget, spinning wheel widget, etc.) that could be used to give the user assurance that a script is still executing. Even better would be a JSL progress bar widget.

Super User (Alumni)

Often Pushing Esc during the run will cancel the platform.  It will take a 5-15 seconds to respond usually but it normally works.  

Try this:


names default to here(1);
dt = open("$SAMPLE_DATA\");
g = dt << Get Column Group("Responses");
YExpr = Expr(Y());
for(i=1, i<=nitems(g), i++, 
	insert into(YExpr, g[i]);
	dt << Hierarchical Cluster(
		Method( "Ward" ),
		Standardize Data( 1 ),
		Dendrogram Scale( "Distance Scale" ),
		Number of Clusters( 20 ),
		SendToReport( Dispatch( {}, "Dendrogram", OutlineBox, {SetHorizontal( 1 )} ) )
Status changed to: Yes, Stay Tuned!

Delivering this capability will need to be on a platform-by-platform basis, but we have created an overall tracking category for this type of issue and will be working on improving the user experience when this occurs.