Vertical X-axis Label Orientation [Change Default] on t-distributions and Histograms in JMP!

I think JMP does an excellent job in the case of the t-tests showing the sampling distribution of the mean difference under the null (for the case of the 2-sample t) and the observed mean difference relative to it; but why the scaling and horizontal axis orientation on these graphs graph?  Why not set the scale values to be oriented vertically by default on all of these graphs? (and on the histograms for that matter in Analyze>Distribution)?   
I find  myself always clicking in and modifying these axes manually; Can the development team please add this as an adjustable setting in File>Preferences in the next version of JMP?
Default Axis (T-Test).pngDefault Axis (t-test)
Modified Axis (T-Test).pngModified axis (t-test)
Default Axis (Histogram).pngDefault axis (histogram)
Modified Axis (Histogram).pngModified axis (histogram)
The modified cases (vertically oriented values) are much easier to read and interpret don't you think?
I ran this idea by Julian Parris at JMP and he confirmed for me that there is no way to do this in the current version of JMP 14.

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