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Efficient Inclusion of Stability Study Baseline Results

It would be great to be able to identify baseline (time zero) results independently from the Label, System ID groups when setting up a stability study through Analyze>Reliability and Survival>Degredation>Stability Test.


We run many stability studies for developmental pharmaceutical products. We often have several packaging configurations involved in the study. The initial (time zero) data is typically completed on bulk tablets at the time of manufacturing as part of the analytical testing of the tablet batch(es) used for packaging. The stability data comes from a different source and starts with the first pull from the stability chamber , which is usually at 3 or 6 months. It is very cumbersome to combine the data and replicate the baseline results to label for each packaging configuration. 


I beleive that this would be a great feature to add value for many customers interested in the platform. Please feel free to request sample data if needed to better understand the issue we regularly face.



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