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Start using the JMP Wish list

The JMP Wish list seems like a good idea and has existed more than half a year by now. According to the stats ZERO ideas have been approved for implementation. I suggest you start using the JMP Wish list actively.

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Thanks, @thomasz.


Actually, the Wish List was officially opened in November, 2017. There were a few ideas that were posted incorrectly to another forum that were moved here when we opened the Wish List. That explains the posts from before November.


Rest assured that we pay attention to all the ideas posted here and will consider them as we develop future versions. All JMP users can indicate their support for individual ideas by voting them up using the Kudo (thumbs up) button.

I just published a blog post on how features get into the product Our road map has us releasing new versions of JMP every 18 months. We have our latest version of JMP, JMP 14 coming out in mid-March 2018. This wish list will be used with the other inputs in prioritizing feature work, platform improvements, architectural changes, UX/UI work and bug fixing. At this time, since the wish list is so new, we are "filling up the buffer" and letting users submit their wishes and up-vote wishes that they agree would be good additions to the product. The wishes with the greatest number of kudos will likely be added to the development queue.