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Secondary Working Limits Set

I would like to be able to have a secondary set of limits to use in the column properties that will work with all of the different distributions and such. In my work we often have specification limits as well as guard banded limits and currently I have to run analysis twice once with spec limits and once with guard band limits. But it would be nice to see them together on the same charts. 

Super User

It would be nice to set even more limits than 1 or 2 sets. This is one of the reasons which limits my usage of wide format data, as it is "easy" to create graph builder with long data and have multiple limits. This isn't as easy for other platforms (you could for example use Graphic Scripts) and you will loose features wide data would provide you with.


Not the correct use for Response Limits, but you can use those to add additional lines when you have wide data and are not using Response limits for anything else. The lines will have labels as Lower, Middle and Upper.



Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi @Klein, thank you for your suggestion! We have captured your request and will take it under consideration.

Level XI

yes, would be very helpful:

In the column properties a "limits manager" - where you can manage as many sets of limits as you want.

e.g. also store some historical values.

and for each set, there is a checkbox to activate/deactivate them in ALL plots.


Level VI

I second this wish list!