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Provide option to write log file to disk (in parallel with the log window), flushing output every line.

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What inspired this wish list request? 

>>> Monitoring the JMP log remotely is very difficult.  Currently, it requires issuing frequent Save Log commands.  Even then, it appears that that command completely rewrites the log file (rather than just appending to it), which is very inefficient.  And it's not an up-to-date output since it requires a Save Log command for each update.


What is the improvement you would like to see? 

>>> As a JSL option, enable automatic writing of any log console info, (e.g., Write, Show, error output), to a script-specified file name.  Flush this buffer after each newline (and maybe also after some period of time in case of output without any or many newlines).


Why is this idea important? 

>>> Provides for quality monitoring of JSL script execution progress via the log output without having to be viewing the JMP UI (which is problematic in itself in that it can often put up windows that cover the log window).  This feature would also provide for programmatic monitoring of program execution.