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Provide an Interface to R

Provide an Interface to R which will be maintained and further developped as a part of JMP.  JMP should be both a stand alone software but at the same time an entry-point to the functional richness of R with smooth transfer of data, control of R running in the background and seamless importing and use of R output in JMP.

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@winfriedkoch0, we do have an interface to R that seems to meet what you describe. If you've tried this and found it lacking, can you make this wish more specific as to what's missing and what you'd like to see?


Here's some more information about the connection to R:


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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for clarification. I agree with you that a nice and efficient interface between JMP and R is already available and I appreciate that. In addition a small collection of Add-Ins is already available which allow the use of R programs like Bootstrapping and Lasso as if they were native JMP applications. My vision was that an increasing number of such add-ins would be available in the future and that these add-ins would be integrated into JMP and maintained as a part of JMP. In this way it might be achieved that increasing parts of R could be used as if it were native parts of JMP.