Plot Excluded and Unhidden data points in Graph Builder

As described in this discussion thread, it would be helpful if it were possible to use Graph Builder to plot data points that are "Excluded" but not "Hidden".


Currently, if data is not "Excluded" then it affects statistics that are plotted in Graph Builder. But if data is "Excluded" then it is also "Hidden" automatically (despite some confusing references in the JMP manual in a few places mentioned in the discussion thread).


Ideally, "Hide" and "Exclude" would operate independently in Graph Builder, as one would expect—and as it operates within other JMP platforms.

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Hi @JPoindexter,

Row Hide and Row Exclude are independent for most platforms other than Graph Builder. But, there is a hidden option to show excluded rows in Graph Builder: while holding shift, click the Red Triangle > Show Excluded Rows. The excluded rows will now show on your plot as slightly transparent.


Show Excluded.gif


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Ah, that is hidden. Not a perfect solution—would be nice to change the transparency options for Excluded points—but useful nonetheless.

Thanks for responding. Somehow I missed the other discussion thread where this solution was mentioned. Would be useful if the manual mentioned this as well (unless it does already—I haven't read through it all).


Hi @JPoindexter,

More control over the display of those excluded (but now shown) points is a good suggestion, as is making sure this is fully documented in the JMP help.


By the way, there is a preference you can set to always show excluded rows in Graph Builder. Preferences > Platforms > Graph Builder, Show Excluded Rows. 



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Follow-up question. It appears that the Variability platform suffers from the same problem as Graph Builder—that "Exclude" and "Hide" are not independent. However, there doesn't seem to be a "Show Excluded Rows" option, hidden or otherwise, for the Variability platform.


Is there some other way to plot data that is "Excluded" but not "Hidden" in the Variability platform?


In general it seems like there is some inconsistency as to when "Exclude" and "Hide" are independent and when they are not, so a general suggestion would be to standardize their function across all JMP platforms to simplify the user experience. 

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whoops, already answered