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Platform behaviour when preselected roles (x and y) exist

In data tables with some more columns it can be useful to preselect rows to tidy up and document what you're doing. Then one would know later which cols have been selected for e.g. predicting.


But I'm not able to use this feature, because starting a platform with existing preselected rows (x and y) usually lets the platform run directly. It is then not possible, to add e.g. some by cols etc.

So my way currently is, not to use preselected rows,

and Group cols accordingly (to remember which are my x's).


I think it would be better to stop platform at launch window even in case of preselected rows. Or at least configure in Preference which behaviour is preferred. But I would prefer the first Option.


There's a thread regarding this behaviour, and the presented solution (relaunch) is not helpful for platforms that take some more time to run ...


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