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Percentile-based whiskers in Graph Builder - Box Plot

I want to have percentile-based whiskers in Graph Builder - box plot. This also applies to box plots on Distribution platform.


JMP's box plot does not allow the user to specify the location (length) of whiskers and only offer "Tukey" method. (Oddly this is not described in JMP's help page on Graph Builder - Box Plot, but it is in JMP Clinical's page below.)


It doesn't serve my purpose because my data contains dirty outliers and Tukey whiskers, with or without dots for outliers, draw attention to these extreme values. Instead, I draw box plots with whiskers at 10 and 90 percentiles, 5 and 95, 2.5 and 97.5, 1 and 99, etc. For this purpose I use some other app, like Graphpad Prism. Below is a link to Graphpad Prism's help page on this.

I would like JMP to have such capability.


I believe we need to update the way we use box plots as it doesn't seem to go extinct in near future even with new and richer graph types available, partly because its elements correspond to important summary statistics.

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JMP has two separate platforms for drawing box-and-whisker plots. One is Graph Builder, and the other is Distribution. On the Help Page on Distribution Platform, there is a description on length of whiskers, which is based on Tukey's method.
(But the Help page for Graph Builder - Box Plot doesn't mention how the length of whiskers are calculated, as in the above request.)