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Paste multiple column names directly in column dialog filter

Topic: add build-in capability that allows to paste directly a list of column names -from clipboard- in column dialog filter.


Today's workaround: as of today, I did a script that  takes the clipboard content -loaded with column names- and converts it into a regular expression. Then, I paste this regular expression in filter and I select 'regular expression' filter mode. This works but is a bit painful.

I use this often when working with 'column switcher', but I assume this may work for many other needs.



Super User (Alumni)

It might be useful to understand the source of the list of column names and your usage/expectations:

  • Is the list a comma delimited string (assuming no commas in the column names?
  • Will each name have double quotes?
  • Will the list be enclosed with braces?
  • Is the list source from say a user selection from one JMP table or some external source like email or other external document?
  • Will the names be a perfect match, case sensitive?

From experience, more details about the scope and usage helps JMP developers scope the size and importance of your request.





Level II

For my personal use, I use names without double quotes nor braces.

Delimiters might either be comma, space, tab, or feed carriage.

List source may come either from JMP or Excel.

And I use perfect match.


Please find below the script I wrote (I used Python call for special characters replacement as JMP script is painful when handling "["):


Input = list in window's buffer

Output = regular expression in window's buffer (then, I paste it into JMP's filter and select 'regular expression' mode)



//RAMIS - 2021
Names Default To Here( 1 );

//Get clipboard
data = Get Clipboard();

//split list into array
testList_raw = Words( data, " \!t\!n\!r," );

//keep only unique entries
myArray_set = Associative Array( testList_raw );
unique_myArray = myArray_set << Get Keys;

//replace special characters
Python Init();

Python Send( unique_myArray );

Python Submit(
myList =unique_myArray
myOutput = ','.join(myList)
myOutput = myOutput.replace("[","\\[")
myOutput = myOutput.replace("]","\\]")
myOutput = myOutput.replace(",","|")
Wait( 0 );

//output to window's clipboard
myClipboard = Python Get( myOutput );
Set Clipboard( myClipboard );




Damien RAMIS - NXP

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi @damien, thank you for your suggestion! We have captured your request and will take it under consideration.