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Overplotting on charts

During his June 5, 2018 Explorers Series presentation, Kaiser Fung pointed out that only the final plotted symbol is visible when the same value occurs multiple times, resulting in overplotting.  It would be helpful to have a standard feature that would allow one to examine the overploltted points to get a feel for what lies beneath the visible plot symbol.  Two options come to mind:

(1) Think Map software uses a branching tree to graphically display data values.  You can grab individual data points or a node and move it out into a clear area of the chart to examine it more closely.  When you relase the node or point, it springs back into place and you can continue to explore.

(2) Clicking on a point could pop up a new window that lists all overplotted data values, as well as highlighting them in the worksheet.  A Pareto chart by a stratifying variables would reveal patterns in the mix.  Additionally, a time series plot would be great,since the final plotted symbol represents the last data value in worksheet order, so time may be an contributing factor.



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Defect ID: S1560332


FYI, there is a Jitter option in Graph Builder, which is off by default for continuous variables. It will space out points with identical coordinates.


We are looking into addressing this requirement with a Graphlet Preset in JMP 16.0.

For JMP 15.0, please take a look at this Add-in and let us know if it works for your needs. Label Viewer: exploring multiple images and text associated with a single visual element using Hover... 


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The add in looks great.  Unfortunately, my membership in the Friends of
JMP program was terminated, so I no longer have access to the software
to test it.

Jim Alloway