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Multiple Y-Axis with a Scaled Response Overlay Graph

Previously I asked a multiple Y-axis overlay chart

in the user community (Multiple Y axis in a chart. (Multiple Y axis scales))

and Byron made a scirpt for it (Multiple Y-Axis Graphs).


I hope I can get this feature from the 'Graph Builder' in next JMP version with interactive Y-axis setting.

Currently the multiple Y-axis graph (from the script) dosen't link with the data in the graph.

If the data is linked with multiple Y-axis interactively, it will be better than other supporting programs.

Thank you. : )

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Defect ID: S1370195

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Dear James,

I just planned to create a similar wish but then I stumbled across your post.

You have my full support, a built-in function for the generation of multiple y-axis in graph builder would be extremely helpful.

Extended formatting features, e.g. colored y-axis, could improve the power of graph builder even more: