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Multiple File Import - Force Combine

I would like to suggest the ability to force MFI to combine files together, even if it finds differences.


Use Case: I am combining data from two instrument platforms where the data is set up identically, but the differences are enough that MFI separates the data into two tables if I have both instrument platforms. I am aware of all pertinent differences, and just want to leverage MFI for high quality, quick combination. I would like a radio button to 'force into one file' along with "Stack Similar Files" and "One Table for Each File".


While JMP does an amazing job most of the time, sometimes I know better than JMP

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To quickly add on to that, it's common for me to have a .CSV or .XLS file that is identical except 1 out of N files has something silly like an extra empty column on the far right. Even if it was just an option to 'force concatenate' in the dialog box, that could be useful.