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More options for "Get Script"


JSL (JMP Scripting Language) is a great tool to ensure reproducibility of your analysis. While it requires some learning for you to be fluent, fortunately, JMP lets you do some analysis with GUI and get a script to reproduce it by clicking the "Get Script" option. This is essential for both learning JSL and making efficient use of it. JSL offers multiple ways to achieve a single task.



"Get Script" of most platforms gives you a kind of JSL that's not very popular, the one with "SendToReport" and "Dispatch". For example, the following is a script suggested in "Scripting Platforms" Chapter of the Scripting Guide:


Open( "$SAMPLE_Data/Big" ); // I added this line


oneObj = Oneway(
  Y( :height ),
  X( :age ),
  Each Pair( 1 ),
  Means( 1 ),
  Mean Diamonds( 1 )
oneObj << Unequal Variances( 1 );


rep = Report( oneObj );
rep["Oneway Anova"] << Close( 1 );
rep["Means Comparisons"] << Close( 1 );


Running this script, you will get a Oneway platform with a nice graph.

Now, you select "Get Script" from the red triangle menu of the report and get the below:

  Y( :height ),
  X( :age ),
  Each Pair( 1 ),
  All Graphs( 0 ),
  Means( 1 ),
  Unequal Variances( 1 ),
  Composition of Densities( 1 ),
  Mean Diamonds( 1 ),
  Std Dev Lines( 1 ),
    Dispatch( {}, "Oneway Anova", OutlineBox, {Close( 1 )} ),
    Dispatch( {}, "Means Comparisons", OutlineBox, {Close( 1 )} )


This is completely different from the one suggested in the Scripting Guide, and is generally less easy to master.



I wish JMP allows the user to choose the type of JSL to be produced.

For those who regularly use "Save Script" for reproducible analysis, this would be a tremendous time saver.

Super User

Totally agree with this idea. It would be really nice if scripts generated by JMP were using messages instead of SendToReport and Dispatch and as suggested this should be an option (not replace the current methods). Using messages would create scripts like they should be created (in most cases) as you really shouldn't modify SendToReport part of JMP generated code.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi @nao, thank you for taking the time to submit this idea! We will review your request and keep you updated on its status.