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Make Into Data Table with Quick Graphs Options for Process Screening Platform

The Process Screening platform provides a very efficient way to generate and present process stability and capability statistics when there is a need to look at this information by group(s) that contain many levels and combinations.  The analysis output is neatly presented in a tabular format and by right-clicking on any highlighted row in the table, the user can choose to look at quick graphs that display control charts or capability analysis.


I often use 'Make Into Data Table' to convert output in the analysis windows to new data sources that I'd need for other graphics and analyses.  In the case of Process Screening platform, because the quick graphs options are already there for each row in the table, I think it would be very nice to be able to capture those quick graphs when 'Make Into Data Table' and save the graphs as images  in expression-type columns in the resulting data table. 


These images can then be used as labels for data points in a plot as in Graph Builder, that can greatly enhance data content and improve user experience; and when the plot is saved and shared as interactive HTML, non-JMP users can also view the popup graphics in the plot.


Perhaps, the 'Make Into Data Table' could have additional dialogs that ask the users whether they want to include the quick graphs as images in the resulting data table.  The dialogs may also allow users to set parameters and options for the image  such as image size, which analysis sections to display, ...  


The ability to quickly generate and save associated images along with the data when choosing 'Make Into Data Table'  would take the Process Screening platform to a whole new level.





Hi Tan, thank you for your suggestion! There is an option under the Process Screening red triangle menu to "Save Summary Table with Graphs" that saves the Quick Graphs in an expression column. However, you also mentioned wanting to be able to save the control charts and certain Process Capability charts. I passed that suggestion to the development team for their consideration.

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Sseligman, thank you for pointing out that option in the red triangle menu.  So the idea of exporting images along with the summary data is already there!  Now instead of just those rather plain looking quick graphs, it would be great if users can choose control charts and/or capability analysis.  Perhaps the current option can be enhanced to include two more expression-type columns one for the control charts and one for the capability analysis. 


The ability to specify image size and what analysis content/section to be displayed in the image would be useful to help make sure that the resulting image is viewable and shows only relevant content.  

Community Manager
Status changed to: Archived
We are archiving this request. If this is still important please comment with additional details and we will reopen. Thank you!