Keyboard Shortcut to Comment Code in Script Editor

When I am developing a script, it is sometimes necessarry to comment out a block of code and re-write it for performance or quality reasons.

I do this frequently and it is time consuming to comment the code manually, or to go through the context menu>Advanced>Comment Block/Uncomment Block.


Please allow for user to set a keyboard shortcut for this.

I would recommend ctrl+k+c (Comment block) and ctrl+k+u (Uncomment block) as these are the defaults in Visual Studio.


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I would much rather have a keyboard shortcut for commenting line or block of lines (Ctrl+/) is the standard in almost all text editors.  Still going to Kudo though.

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I would add to this the keyboard shortcuts for the ability to collapse and expand code blocks 

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Definitely would use a shortcut to Comment Block code, it would be super handy. Surprised it isn't a feature already.

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Unfortunately this didn't make it in to JMP 15 but will be in a future release.

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Maybe add keyboard shortcut for reformat block at the same time. They are in the same context menu.

@Craige_Hales, a reformat shortcut is already available via Ctrl + M on Windows and Cmd + M on Mac. The full keyboard shortcut list can be found in the Quick Reference Card