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JSL Text Editor Color Themes

My coworkers were making fun of me for coding with bright backgrounds.  I could use another editor like Sublime or Atom, but JSL Text Editor does come with a lot of convient functionality.  Anyway we could include additional themes?  Preferably darker ones that are easier on the eyes.



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As a follow-up - On the mac, you can also put the PFS file in /Library/Application Support/JMP/ and it will work for all the versions you may have (handy for when EA15 comes up).  And, a bonus!  The Application Builder Script tab inherits the changes as well!



Due to this request and others we have had in the past, JMP Development is currently working on adding this capability in the JMP 15 timeframe. JMP 15 will be available in the fall of 2019. 

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Status changed to: Delivered

Support for both light and dark modes on Windows and Mac is available in JMP 15.

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Hi @Justin_Chilton,

I'm trying to follow your instructions and I must be doing something wrong because my script background is still white!

I copied and pasted the script text that you posted into a .jsl script file and titled it "JMPStyles.PFS". I have saved it in the "%AppData%\Roaming\SAS\JMP\14" location. I've restated JMP and my computer.

Any thoughts on where I am going wrong?


That sounds like the correct method of applying these color preferences so I am not sure what could be happening. Can you make sure that JMP is not open when you are saving the "JMPStyles.PFS" file? It is possible that JMP overwrites this file when shutting down. 

Are you able to upgrade to JMP 15? The support for a dark editor theme is much better and easier to apply.