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JMP17 behaviour on Preference "Hide ODBC Connection Strings" set: connection string is removed leading to a query that cannot be executed anymore

Using JMP 17 we have been a bit surprised to see what happens in detail with the above preference set, i.e. when performing a SQL Query, the connection string is removed (and not hidden like JMP16) in the result table. When starting the table script "Modify Query", the query builder opens, and we can look at the query, but pressing the "Execute Query" leads only to a generic "Error running SQL Query".

I understand, that removing the connection string is a security feature to not distribute passwords, server names etc.

And the good thing is, that the query definition (SQL) is still available.


This is my proposal:

  • "Hide ODBC Connection Strings" should be renamed into "Remove ..."
  • it should be made more transparent, that the Query will not be functional with this preference set, i.e. making visible that the SQL-Query object is not connected to any database, and throwing a more distinct error accordingly
  • maybe there could be implemented a way to again connect that query to a database under the red triangle, i.e. "Connect to Database" to make it working again








Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi @Georg, thank you for taking the time to submit this idea! We will review your request and keep you updated on its status. 

Hi Georg,


You are correct, as we discussed in Sitges, that the query will not run.  In fact, we recommend not using the Hide preference, as the regular embedded table script will have placeholders now for Password and User ID.  We will add a Jira item to produce a more understandable error string, if that is possible.


Thank you,


Brian Corcoran

JMP Development

Status changed to: Investigating
Status changed to: Delivered

@Georg this issue has been addressed in version 17.1, see for more details.  

Level VII

Thanks for your work and feedback, best regards Georg