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JMP Live Append Report to Folder

My department recently purchased JMP Live and we were hoping to have the ability to add a report to an existing report folder.  Currently the "replace" button only allows for exchanging reports present in the folder and not simply adding them.  To append in a new report, the user must rerun all existing reports and then "replace" with all the previous reports as well as the additional report.

The solution should allow users run a new report and while publishing, select an existing folder or report to add the current new report to.


Hi @danielrbiber


Good news: this feature is coming in JMP 16 and JMP Live 16.  A few example screenshots:








Also in version 16 is support for this in JSL.






Community Manager
Status changed to: Yes, Stay Tuned!

As noted above, this is coming in JMP 16.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

JMP 16 has been released. Learn more about it!