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Interactive HTML Output > Local Data Filter

What inspired this wish list request?

Thanks for updating the interactive HTML output (File > Export >  Interactive HTML with data) in JMP for sharing results with colleagues!

I use it many times and it really is a great feature! When I create a scatterplot matrix based on simulated data I like to filter my data. I can do this also within the HTML file output with the mouse by drawing a rectangle across the data points.



What is the improvement you would like to see?

It would be much more intuitive to do this via the Local Data Filter. This feature is however not interactive in the HTML output. Could you fix that?



Why is this idea important? 

Easier data & result sharing; onboarding new people to JMP





Level XI

If there are no curves, BoxPlots, etc. in the graph, one can disable include mode without drawbacks.

Then the Data Filter works in the exported HTML:

Interactive HTML and Filter By 

Level III

Thanks a lot for the workaround! However, JMP should definitively invest some resources to make this feature more versatile.

Currently it only works for continues filter types and the non-selected data points cannot be made transparent for instance. 


Level XI

I checked Jmp 16 & 17:





Status changed to: Acknowledged
Status changed to: Not Planned For Now
Level XI

@hogi :Yes, it works if you disable the include mode, but we interpreted this wish as asking for the Interactive HTML output to be functional even when the include mode is enabled. To do so would require building the logic into the web-based Interactive HTML code to recalculate the graphs and reports with a different subset of the data than was exported. Even with JMP Live and JMP Public, where the include mode is supported, it is not done with our web-based code. It is done by communicating with a full version of JMP running on a server that is capable of rebuilding the report.   


@Marco_ , to enable selection with the Local Data Filter as you described for the scatterplot matrix in the Interactive HTML version, you can disable both the Include and Show options before exporting. Then, the Interactive HTML Local Data Filter will select points chosen by the continuous (or categorical) filter rather than show or include them. 


Here's a screenshot of the diamond's priced between $3000 and $4000 selected via the Interactive HTML Local Data Filter using the Diamonds sample dataset:



The Local Data Filter's menu in Interactive HTML will allow you to switch between selecting and showing the filtered rows in graphs. These are operations we can perform in Interactive HTML without the full calculation power of JMP.