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Increase label hover hitbox with marker size

Hi all,



So I'm using the graph builders to display pictures. You know, the "expression" data type. The DIY solution that has been implemented to embed pictures into a JMP table.


I want to see these pictures clearly when I'm looking at them on graphs, so I use a marker size of 100 (I know, I'm just looking for trouble). Now, I want to see the labels for these pictures when I hover over them. But then nothing happens! Then I tried to find the exact center of the pictures and it works, the label displays! That means, to see the label, you have to find the small area that corresponds to a default size. From what I can see, this area is a circle of about a marker size 7, regardless of your actual marker size. Even if you use size 0, the label will display in that area.


So my request is as follows : Make the label to display on the whole size of the marker, whether it be a normal marker like a dot or something more fancy like a picture.

==> This should also take into account the shape of the marker. By default this is a circle but this should change with the shape of your marker, like a rectangle for pictures.










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Defect ID: S1559405