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Include Venn Diagrams in Graph Builder

Venn Diagrams are a great tool for comparing groups of data quickly, but currently are only available via Add-Ins and require special formatting of the data. Would be great to have it integrated into the graph builder GUI. The ability to display object names, not just object counts, would also be very helpful. 

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Level V

I concur. Also, there is currently a bug in the current script; if you want to use the "proportional area" feature, you get a strange error message. 

Level I

"Proportional area" feature is a must in Venn Diagrams. But also the area outside the Venn diagram should be showed as an option. Some Venn Diagrams are nice but irrelevant...

Level III

agree! also should accept categorical variables and make its own frequency count so we dont have to manually input frequency into a new table 

Level V

The newest Venn diagram add-in, which I last used in the past few days) is great and has way more features than before. I would strongly consider formally incorporating it as a full feature under "Graph," not just as an add-in. I know many molecular biologists like myself use this add-in weekly, if not more often!