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In Summary platform provide an option to add the Statistic which was used to create the column as column property (possibly Notes)

What inspired this wish list request? 

Other wish list item created by meMake column properties usable with Filter Col Selector and Col List Selector and Pythonless Python Integration for JMP® (2023-EU-30MP-1265) tool which I have written which adds column properties based on the REST API returned values.


What is the improvement you would like to see? 

When creating new tables with Summary, provide option to add Notes (or some other) column property to generated table which tells which options were used for that specific column. This would be especially useful when using "statistics column name format" option "column".


The most simple implementation could be something like this



Why is this idea important?

I like using Summary with "statistics column name format" option as "column" but from time to time I might forget which Statistic I used, this way I could quickly check what the statistic was. This also moves JMP a bit towards an idea where you could use column properties to store metadata (I will write my own add-in for this when I have time).


Level XI

This will also help to make SubGroup more understandable.

Sometimes, I use hierarchical subgroups with 1=yes, 0=no. Almost impossible to understand after 2 days.




If then, in addition a Table/Update kills your source script (Table / Update - source script collision  ), you are completely lost!


dt =Open( "$SAMPLE_STIPS/Wafer Stacked" );
dt << Summary(
	Group( :Lot ),
	Mean( :Defects ),
	Subgroup( :Wafer ),
	Freq( "None" ),
	Weight( "None" )


Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thank you for this request @jthi . This is a good suggestion - we will take under consideration.