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Improved JSL Stack Trace in Log on Error

The current JSL log that is displayed on an error is lacking. Currently, it displays the following:

  • What type of error was thrown
  • What line threw the error (but not what file the line is in)
  • The body of the JSL file that was run (the entire body, even if it is extremely long)
  • Sometimes, a highlight in the body of the JSL file that was run indicating the line that threw the error. This does not always work.


It would be more informative to get the following debug information:

  • What type of error was thrown
  • A stack trace of the calling functions, with details on which line in each calling function threw the error.

There's really very little value in getting a printout of the JSL file with the highlight when you can read through the file yourself and look for the erroring line. It takes up space in the log and makes me scroll past it to see the actual error that was thrown.

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