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Heat maps -> median aggregation [and more]

HeatMap in Graph builder is a great way to visualize data:



Individual "tiles" can represent several rows of the data table (geographic region: data of many countries).
Then the values of the rows are averaged automatically. This is very convenient


- but "averaging" (mean) is just one option ...

If the user wants to do different aggregations, he has to generate a summary table or use a formula column with exactly the same grouping settings as the desired heat map:


A more straight-forward and flexible approach:

In GraphBuilder/Heat Map, please provide a menu to select the aggregation method:

- median

- any item from the summary table menu:




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dt =Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big" );

Data Table( "Big Class" ) << Graph Builder(
	Size( 336, 478 ),
	Graph Spacing( 4 ),
	Variables( X( :sex ), Y( :age ), Color( :height ) ),
	Elements( Heatmap( X, Y, Legend( 4 ) ) )
Super User

Can't user already do this by using Color property and by changing summary statistic in that? If no color column is defined heatmap will use Count (that is really only thing it can use without "third axis"?).



Level XI

you are right, wonderful!

Level XI

the summary statistic menu is always available, not just for heatmap plots.

But it seems to have just an effect for heatmaps, right?



Status changed to: Delivered

Marking as delivered since a solution is provided in the comments. Thanks all!