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Graph builder bar chart data label control

I'd like to see the ability to set the font, location in the bar, and decimal format in the graph builder platform for the bar chart data labels.  Right now the only option is to change the default Font setting for all charts to get the data fonts to be what you need.  This need to be able to be changed on a per graph basis along with the additional formatting options.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Archived
We are archiving this request. If this is still important please comment with additional details and we will reopen. Thank you!
Level I

Please bring this request back. This is a critical feature for making graphs for presentations. 

Level VII

I agree with @Tom_M1, this is still a needed customization!



Should I resubmit the request?

Level I

In addition to the options in the original request by @shampton82, I'd also like to have the option to rotate the bar chart data label vertical.

Status changed to: Acknowledged
Level VII

Thanks @Sarah-Sylvestre !