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Econometrics and Time Series Analysis

I wish JMP has "Econometrics and Time Series Analysis" capability/functionality. This is quite basic, even SPSS has it. Or, maybe I am missing something?

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Level VI

JMP has time series (ARIMA, Transfer Function, linear/cyclic/X11 decomposition, smoothing models) and a time series forecast platform.  See https://www.jmp.com/support/help/en/15.1/?os=win&source=application&utm_source=helpmenu&utm_medium=a... and https://www.jmp.com/support/help/en/15.1/?os=win&source=application&utm_source=helpmenu&utm_medium=a...


It is also has a full suite of linear and non-linear regression capabilities, multivariate analysis, data mining and predictive modeling.  


What is it in particular you are looking for?  

Level II
  • Fit Y by X with Autocorrelation and Heteroscedastic Errors Analysis
  • Fit Panel Data Regression Analysis
  • Fit Unobserved Components Models Analysis

Essentially, the Econometrics and Time Series Analysis functionality that is in SAS but not in JMP.