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DOE platform improvement suggestions

I would like the ability to get alias effects matrix using JSL in Custom Design.  

  • there is a <<Get X Matrix  (X) that returns the design matrix for the specified model and there is a <<Get Alias Matrix message that gets the aliasing correlations (for model x alias interactions, X`*A)
  • but there is not command to get the alias effects matrix for the design (A)

In Custom Design, Evaluate Design, and Compare Designs, I would like to be able to use JSL get the full correlation matrix that is used to construct the color map on correlations.  So a <<Get Correlations Matrix message would be add.


For Evaluate Design, I would like to be able to see a list of the pairwise correlations of the model x model, model x alias, and alias x alias correlations.  Similar to the pairwise correlations table that can be displayed in Multivariate.  The reason so so that I can sort and see the pairs of effects with the highest confounding.  


For Compare Designs, I would like to be able to see the difference in the effects and aliases correlations matrices.  So if I compare 2 designs, and each has a color map on correlations (C1 and C2), I want to be able to see (C1-C2) as a "delta color map".  

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Any chance you could split these out into multiple wishes, so we can track them individually?