Controlling Caption Box Format in Graph Builder

I would like to have better control over Caption Box Format Settings in Graph Builder.

With the typical table settings I find that Means and StdDev. usually have too many decimal places. With setting decimal places in the Column Properties it gets better, but then the appearance in the Data Table itself is often not ideal (see example below with unnecessary decimal ".0" everywhere). Also, it would be easier if changes to the format could be made in Graph Builder directly, e.g. in the Element Control Panel on the left.



There is a community discussion that explains how to set Caption Box Formats using JSL:


And there is a Wish List Idea with a similar topic concerning decimal places in report tables:


In the example below "Best" Formal is used on the left, "Fixed Dec." with 1 decimal place is used on the right.







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The 5 number summary comes out ugly.

  • Everything seems squished to the right to the point of being unreadable.  If we could control that print zone it would be nice.
  • The first comment might not be right, it might be my lack of ability to control the print out.  There is for sure veritical squish that happens with the 1 time max, Q3, Median, Q1, Min label into the actual values.
  • The results are $1.8e+7 which is not great to read.  If we could do a transform the output in situations like that to something like $18 ($000s) or $18.1 ($000s) that would be more readable.  Since the results are max, Q3, Median, Q1, Min; the suffix could print only once.
  • I tried throwing a line in there with format as suggested in the above post and couldn't get it to work.  Maybe it's because the data is in currency.
    Box Plot( X, Y, Legend( 10 ) ),
    Points( X, Y, Legend( 11 ) ),
    Caption Box(
    Legend( 15 ),
    Summary Statistic( "5 Number Summary" ),
    Format("Fixed Dec",12,2),
    Per Factor( 1 )
    JMP Community Caption Box.png