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Control graph builder outline box copy / paste

I would like propose an update so that a preference (or some other method) is in place for how outline boxes, especially the default one, are handled during copy / paste operations - for graph builder, specifically (although it could be merged into other platforms). This preference would allow the user to control whether or not the default outline box was copied / pasted when the user selects it for copying.

In JMP 15, an feature was implemented which automatically removes the outline box from the image when copying / pasting from Graph Builder. This feature removes the need to manually select each graph with the control key to copy / paste when the titles are effectively part of the graph builder output.

Additionally, JMP implemented it so that editing the outline box would force keep it when copying / pasting so user adjustments were maintained. However, if a user wants to keep the outline box(es) it is just as annoying to change each title so it is maintained as it is to manually control click each graph to avoid copying the outline box.

A preference would allow users to control their destiny and be the best of both worlds.

Tracking Number: 7613005939

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